MB1870: Manitoba Historical Photographs

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(Tashiro) April 1/66 Southport

Annual "Timmy" Dance Attracts Record Crowd

The largest crowd on record turned out Friday night for the annual Timmy Dance sponsored by the Senior NCOs of RCAF station Portage, and it was all in aid of the crippled children in Manitoba. There was fun, games, eats and a dance for the more than 1,000 people who took in the big event. At top left Mrs. S. Meikle gave a helping hand at one of the game wheels, and at top a trio of gamesters try their luck at another board. At left is the Manitoba Timmy for 1966, Brian Stocks, complete with hat, with Frank S. Kovitz, provincial chairman of the Manitoba Easter Seals campaign. Incidentally, Brian holds a place of highest regard in family circles today. Friday night he drew his uncle's name as winner of the trip to Mexico, main prize of the event. 'Timmy' is unquestionably Len Stock's favorite nephew.