MB1870: Manitoba Historical Photographs

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11224 (Tashiro) March 9/68 Sports Schmokey 500 Attend for Evening of Fun SATURDAY NIGHT’s SCHMOCKEY GAME, the first ever in Portage, had a little bit of everything for the 500 or more attending. After 2 periods, the game became more than what referees Red Gravelle and Wayne Richardson could handle. To start the third period, it was imperative that a stricter official be imported and believe it or not she was given a “red carpet” welcome by the combatants. REFEREES “RED” GRAVELLE AND WAYNE RICHARDSON were all business during Saturday night’s Schmockey game between the Liniment League All-Stars and the Minor Hockey Association executives. Here, Bill Brands of the P.M.H.A is being dragged to the penalty box for unnecessary speeding in the second period.